have a taste.



“Me in Concert” 


In this comic show,  Claudio Carneiro celebrates life complete with its passions, fears and desires. Audiences are taken on a wild ride of both classic and new acts in this frantic look inside his mind!

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Learning the art of clowning and comedy is extremely fun and can be therapeutic and liberating as well. Clown courses are recommended for all actors as an essential part of their training. But learning this art form is also incredible for those with no scenic experience and many end up finding a more than fun profession.


Ask us to organize a face-to-face or online group and learn to laugh at yourself!



“Turning Point”

In this funny and interative show-speech, Carneiro tell us how he went from broke bad-crasher in Paris to the elite of clowning in Cirque du Soleil, Dragone and other companies. The speech is interative and will change your vision of how coorporated events could be.



If you are interested in making your next party or event one that will be remembered, Carneiro is here to help! 

Elevate your guests experience by engaging this international talent! With a repertoire of hysterical performances and guest interactions, Carneiro will ensure your next event is one your guests will never forget!



Comedy Coaching

With a lifetime of professional clowning , Claudio Carneiro is an experienced director who can help you create new numbers, individually or in groups at all levels. If you are cooking up something or want advice on a work in-progress, call us to spice up your work.

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