Cirque du Soleil.



Director: Dominiq Champagne  (2002)

Varekai was the first of many Cirque du Soleil shows for Claudio Carneiro.

Joining a circus of such prominence is a dream of many young clowns and so it was for young Carneiro. Claudio was already a notable artist in the Brazil's clowning scene, having gained fame in such contests as "Sexta Cabaré" and "Lanterna Cabaré" among other shows. He was invited to audition for Cirque du Soleil and one year later was hired on during the final stages of Varekai's creation. The show was a great success and included numbers created by the young Carneiro. Cirque Du Soleil continued to pay royalties for his creations even many years after he left the show. At one performance in particular, Madonna was in attendance and told Carneiro that his number was her favorite of the night!



Director: Dominiq Champagne  (2003)

Solstrom is a 2003 Cirque du Soleil tv show.

It was initially broadcast on the U.S. cable network Bravo and aired on Bold in Canada and SBS Television in Australia. It was also released on DVD. Carneiro played the protagonist of the episodes “Wind of Romance” and “Wind of Freedom”. Here are some moments of Claudio's participation.



Director: Dominiq Champagne   (2016)


After the wonderful experience of working with Dragone, Claudio was invited to return to Cirque Du Soleil and collaborate on the Beatles themed show “Love”. This turned out to be one of Cirque's biggest hits to date! The show was resident in Las Vegas and one highlight included Carneiro performing for Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr!
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Director: David Shiner   (2009)

Banana Shpeel was a show created by world renowned clown and American director David Shiner. His goal was to make a show with the top comic actors of the time. Carneiro was part of this incredible team, which included clowns, Broadway artists, tap dancers and extraordinary singers. In this show, Carneiro received acclaim from high profile media outlets including the "New York Times" and "The New Yorker".


Director: Martin Genest and Richard Dagenais 


Once again Carneiro was invited to return to Cirque du Soleil at Cirque's first resident show outside of the USA. In this production Carneiro starred as Zelig, a wise and entertaining grandfather, who together with his reunited granddaughter Joyà, (the show's namesake) embarked on an adventure. Much of the show's success was attributed to these two lead actors and translated into repeat ticket sales by annual tourists.


QUARANTINE  - Through The Eyes Of Cirque du Soleil Artists

Director:  Mucktar O.S. Mucktar 

Filming by:  Gumer Toledo 


In early 2020, humanity was alarmed by a new pandemic that affected everyone's life. A new world quarantine order was imposed. Director Mukhtar O.S. Mukhtar had the brilliant idea of ​​creating a video and invited Claudio to create his clownesque version of the quarantine. With Mukhtar directing several Cirque du Soleil artists at a distance, the video became an immediate hit when released